Windows Phone Apps Download Challenge to win a Nokia Lumia 800 #20120330

I have 30 Nokia Lumia 800 Phones to be won for the most downloaded new apps that are published between March 30th, 2012 and midnight EST June 29, 2012. The challenge is limited to Australian based developers, 1 phone per developer, however you may submit multiple apps. ( Full Terms and Conditions )

This challenge is all about balancing a compelling idea, app quality and time to market. The sooner you publish the app, the sooner the download count starts, but you’ll need to create a quality app customers will want and rate well to drive your app download count.

If this sounds like an interesting challenge then read on…

Planning to enter the challenge?

Optional, but please register for this challenge at, head to the events tab and register for the “Windows Phone Apps Download Challenge and win a Nokia Lumia 800 Phone #20120330” event.

How to report your download count results

Email Dave Glover, subject “Windows Phone Apps Download Challenge #20120330” with a screen shot of your download count as at midnight EST July 6, 2012. The top 30 submissions will win a Nokia Lumia 800 phone.

Stuff to help you succeed

If you are an Australian based developer or designer, then please register at to request

  1. a token for free Windows Phone Marketplace Registration
  2. a loan phone for testing your apps

While you are at take a moment and head to “Connect” and connect with other Australian Windows Phone Developers and Designers.

Refer a Developer Buddy

If you have a developer or designer buddy you think would be interested in Windows Phone development then please refer them to and pass on the details of this challenge.

General Tips for Entering this Challenge

  1. If you haven’t already done so, then register on Windows Phone Marketplace now. If appropriate, personal registrations are easier with less verification needed than a company registration. See the App Hub Developer Registration Walkthrough.
  2. Keep initial feature set simple and quality high, especially if this is your first app; you can always add additional features in future updates.
  3. Read the Windows Phone 7 Application Submission Walkthrough and Application Certification Requirements for Windows Phone, especially the Application and content guidelines sections.
  4. Run the “Marketplace Test Kit” tool before submitting your app to Marketplace. From Visual Studio right mouse click your project, you’ll see the “Open Marketplace Test Kit” option (requires Windows Phone 7.1 SDK), it will save time and hopefully streamline your app submission.
  5. Allow time for you app to go through the marketplace certification process.



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