Windows Phone Developer Community Workshop Agenda

Windows Phone is a fresh exciting mobility platform and potentially a land of opportunity for killer apps! This hands-on centric developer workshop is designed to take your skills to the next level and help you explore more complex scenarios.

For Australian based mobile developers join the Microsoft Australian Windows Phone Developer Community for information on workshops, events, announcements and a token for free Windows Phone Marketplace sign up.

Prerequisites: You should have existing developer skills, ideally good working knowledge of .NET and C#(or VB.NET), but Objective C, Java, C++ developers will ramp up fast.

Cost: Free

Workshop Style

The workshop will be predominantly hands-on with a short talk introducing each topic. You will also have the opportunity to review you own projects with a team of experts over the course of the workshop.

Subject to timing, topics covered will include:-

  • Introduction to the developer environment
  • Navigation and App Life Cycle
  • Launchers and choosers
  • Alarms, Reminders and other Extensions
  • Device Features and Hardware
  • Tiles and Push Notifications
  • Multitask and Background Agents
  • Local Database Access
  • Marketplace tip and tricks
  • Game development with XNA and Silverlight


Workshop setup

PCs will be provided per student configured with the developer tools.

If you wish to use your own laptop then it needs to be a developer class laptop with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1RC installed and the following hands on labs installed:-