Exchange 2007 and 2010 Address List Segregation changes

We’re in the process of validating the existing Exchange Address List Segmentation whitepaper against Exchange2010.  The whitepaper was written for Exchange 2007 and may need to be modified to support changes in Exchange 2010.  The current plan is for us *to provide support* for Exchange 2010 address list segregation once I have completed the white paper.

When I wrote the white paper for Exchange 2007 it was tested for Exchange 2007. Anyone that tries to use this white paper on an Exchange 2010 will run in to problems that we have no yet documented and or tested and might have to tear down their exchange infrastructure to correct the problem.

If you are going to remove Exchange 2010 you should not have any problems as long as you do not remove any older versions of Exchange. If you do choose to remove Exchange 2010 you may notice some left over (new 2010) containers in the active directory. These containers will not cause any issues and are now only removed if you removed all of the Exchange versions in the organization.

I am currently working on the white paper and working with development to make the necessary changes required due to changes in how Outlook makes directory connections.  Once the white paper is complete this will be supported.  Please be patient and please do not try to contact me with regards to when this white paper will be ready. I have a ton of debugging and architectural documentation to do, and I will post updates as they pop up.