OABInteg - New Information

As most people know we took down GotDotNet and have relocated most of our external tools and code to http://code.msdn.com or http://codeplex.com. I have relocated OABInteg to the following location: http://code.msdn.com/oabinteg. I have updated the web documentation on how to use the tool as well we can be found here: http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman/archive/2005/08/28/oabinteg-and-how-to-use-it-to-troubleshoot-oab-generation-issues.aspx.

New Changes to OABInteg

As per request from the military I have added a new logging switch: /v:3 (ErrorsOnlyLogging). By using this switch the following things will happen when you run the proxytest test.

  1. All screen (command window) output will be the same as it is with /v:2 which means you will see everything. You can just minimize the output window to reduce the buffer size and view it as needed.
  2. Logging will reflect the objects that have the problem either by display name or legacyExchangeDN depending on the problem.
  3. Users that do not have a DisplayName, LegacyExchangeDN will be skipped from the gal so you will need to run the /v:2 switch for more logging to get to these objects.
  4. You can use the /r:alias switch with the /v:3 for an ANR search for specific objects.
  5. Logging to the c:\OABInteg.txt file will only contain objects that have the following problems:

*Total number of temp legacyExchangeDN's found: 5
**Total number of objects that are missing some main attributes: 126
**Total number of objects that mail and proxy attribute don't match: 12
**Total number of objects that do not have a domain value: 0
**Total number of objects that do not have a valid Unicode domain value: 0
**Total number of objects that do not have a valid SMTP Domain because first character is not greater than '/': 0
**Total number of objects that do not start with /o= or /O=: 1
**Total user objects that are missing the Primary Proxy address attribute: 0
***Total user objects with proxy addresses equal to or over 64 characters: 0
***Total objects with the '@' character in the legacyExchangeDN: 6
****Total objects with bad Active Directory Backlinks: 0
Total objects that have a legacyExchangeDN of ADCDisableMail: 1
Total objects that have a legacyExchangeDN of ADCDisableMailByADC: 0

NOTE: The ErrorsOnlyLogging switch can only be used with the proxytest only!

For more information on how to use the proxytest feature in OABInteg please see the following blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman/archive/2007/03/08/how-to-use-oabinteg-s-oabfldcheck-and-proxytest-to-find-oab-issues.aspx