Personal Infomation

Here is a little about me.

I relocated to North Carolina from New York in April 2001, where I started working for Microsoft as an AST (Alliance Support Professional). This role entailed being a dedicated support professional 24/7 x 365 for the FSG (Financial Services Group). The FSG catered to the New York Metro Financial Clients.

Since then I have moved out of the Premier organization and joined the PSS organization. While working in the PSS (Products and Support Services) organization for the last 2 years I have worked in several roles. I worked as an Exchange Admin support professional and then moved on to start up the 3rd Tier Critsit Team (Critical Response Team). 

After this group was set up I moved over and accepted a role on the PC (Problem Control) team as a Support Escalation Engineer. After being in this role for nearly 1 1/2 years I decided that I needed a bigger and better challange, and set out to become an Exchange EE (Escalation Engineer). After 4 years, several roles and an extensive 12 week EE internship I interviewed for the second time and was accepted. Last year I was promoted to a Sr. Escalation Engineer.

Here are some of the materials that I had to cover in order to prepare for the Escalation Engineer role.

  • Inside Windows 2000, Third Ed. (ISBN 0735610215)
  • Microsoft Windows Internals (ISBN 0735619174)
  • Windows NT Device Driver Development (ISBN 1578700582)
  • Programming Server-Side Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 (ISBN 0735607532)
  • Programming Windows, Fifth Edition (ISBN 157231995X)
  • Algorithms in C++ (ISBN 0201510596)
  • The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition) (ISBN 0201700735)
  • CLR via C# (ISBN 9780735621633)
  • Visual C# 2005 - The Language (ISBN 0735621810)
  • Debugging Microsoft Windows .Net and Microsoft Windows (ISBN 0735615365)
  • Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications (ISBN 978-073562209)
  • Transaction Processing : Concepts and Techniques (Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) (ISBN 1558601902)
  • Writing Solid Code (ISBN 1556155514)

As an Sr. EE and a member of the Escalation Services Team I am tasked with the following:

  • Resolving the most technically and politically challenging customer issues.
  • Engaging and being a resource to the larger Exchange PSS group.
  • Researching, diagnosing, and writing code to further diagnose and resolve customer’s issues.
  • Employing advanced tools and diagnostics to analyze source code.
  • Making recommendations to the product group on how to make improvements to the Exchange product.
  • Isolating defects (code bugs) to the faulting line(s) of code.
  • Writing tools (C++ and C#) to further analyze problems or improve the overall Exchange experience.

Most of my time these days is spent debugging the OAB Generation Process, refining my tool (OABInteg), researching source code and writing C++ and C# internal applications / tools.

I am happily married and enjoy spending my time with my wife and two dogs.