UPDATE - Attribute truncation and Event Logging with regards to OABGen and MSExchangeSA 9320 and 9359

Back on Tuesday, December 01, 2009 I wrote the following blog: PLEASE READ –> Events 9320 and 9359 on new installation of Exchange 2010. I worked with the development group, and we are going to make a change to the way we log the attribute truncation events for 9320’s and 9359’s.

Around the E14 Service Pack 1 time frame we will be making the following changes:

  1. The 9320 Event ID we be changed to log at a Low event and not Lowest.
  2. The 9359 Event ID will be changed from the a Warning category to Informational category.

This is by DESIGN. These warnings are 100% expected and can be ignored. These new changes will reduce the amount of logging noise in the application logs.