Outlook quick steps and mouse button programming

I have acciddentally discovered a cool tip.

Most of you use the Outlook Quick Steps correct? Now, one of the ways you can customize is to create your own Quick Steps

For example, I have a quick step to move my mail to a folder. Then I assigned a keyboard short cut. Unfortunately the
keyboard shortcuts are CTRL+SHIFT+1 through 12 and I have to pick one of those. The problem is that
that key sequence CTRL + SHIFT + 2 is a difficult combination to type.

While I was playing with the Microsoft Mouse, I discoverd that the middle button can have programmating specific settings.

Now when you select that, you can actually assign a macro to that button. By choosing the macro there will be an
editor that popsup and you enter your key strokes,delays, and otehr stuff there. Bingo!

Now, when I am in outlook, just click the middle mouse button, which sends CTRL+SHIFT+2 and the
mail moves to a folder.

Hope some one finds this useful :-)