"Start In" folder is not honored when you launch the command prompt as an administrator

image image image

Say you have a command prompt shortcut. You set it to start in a particular folder by editing the properties
as shown above. Then you also set the Advanced properties to launch it as Administrator.

You launch the shortcut and it puts you in windows\System32. Basically blows away the config you did and decides
to put you in the system32 folder. Countless times, I find myself irritated by this behavior. I launch the prompt,
i type in a command like Dir, and it goes on and on listing the system32 contents. I have to change
back to the folder I want to proceed with any work that I wanted to.

My good friendsĀ  tell me that this is a "security" feature. But this is annoying to me.

In any case, the simple fix is to add C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /k cd /d c:\users\public
By adding the configuration of the "Start in" folder a second time, the command prompt would behave the way you want to behave.

Not a great tip, I agree, but it annoyed me enough that I wanted to post a note.