Subsequent search takes longer time to display search results on results.aspx page


On MOSS 2007 / Search server 2008 , when you do a search on the SharePoint site with the "All Site" scope, the first result is displayed as expected and the subsequent search on the search result page is getting delayed. But this search works absolutely perfect when you do a search with "This Site" scope.


Search Server 2008



- The Federated Locations option that is provided with IU update in the search administration page is the cause as it set by default to OpenSearch and the SharePoint server who do not have internet access, face this issue.


You have two options:

1. Disable all the federated search web-parts on the search result page. This needs to be done on all the web application and sites that uses the search center page.

2. You can select the following option under:

a. Click open ‘Central Administration' and open the ‘Shared Service Provider'

b. Click open ‘Search Administration'

c. Now click on ‘Federated Location' on the left hand pane

d. You will come across the ‘Manage Federated Locations' and we need to select the ‘Internet Search Results' and the ‘Internet Search Suggestions' and make sure that they don't use OpenSearch.


e. Edit ‘Internet Search' results and the ‘Internet Search' and scroll below and expand the ‘Location Information'

f. Change the radio button to use ‘Search Index on this Server' from the default ‘OpenSearch'

Internet Search Results

This will help to get the search result page much faster.