Custom Test Properties & Test View - What is & What will be...

Ok, So I’d thought about this blog yesterday but discounted it ‘cause its not really my area. But what the heck :)


There is a very cool feature, which isn’t fully surfaced yet in the UI. This allows you to define new properties for your tests, which can be shown in the property window. Under test properties you’ll see “Test Specific” group, which shows your new property.


Right now, the bit that is missing is the ability to group-by & filter on these properties rather than just the core set. I just talked to the Dev who owns Test View (since our PM is at TechEd), and I was remembering right – our current plan is to allow you to filter, group by and add columns for those properties to the test view. Also, the property window is going to allow you to edit these properties and round trip them to code – so even if you don’t know the language your tests are in you can manipulate the custom properties.


Cool, isn’t it? :)