Where Have I been? Helping make Team System Rock!

Well, It's been a long time since I blogged - actually, I've not blogged since we shipped our very first release just after Beta 1.

So, what’s been happening with the Testing tools in Team System? Well, I've still got Test View, Manual Testing and Test Project but I now also own Unit Test Debugging, Generic Testing (very useful) and Check-in policy support for Hatteras Source Code Control. But, I've lost Solution Integration - Michael (who owns Code Gen testing) now owns that.

In that time we've released a couple of CTPs that have included our bits - the most recent being The December CTP.

As you'd expect, all of the issues that I talked about in previous blogsicles have been fixed - we're looking in great shape right now. Some of the new functionality we have now in my feature areas are really compelling. Taking debugging as an example - enabling this has made my job of writing tests a lot easier. Just being able to set a break point in the test code and its hit - It's fantastic.

Generic testing enables you to integrate pre-existing test harness & result reporting into our infrastructure. For the full effect, you need to add some code to your test result reporting to output xml (we supply an XSD) with greater detail. Very powerful if you want to take advantage out our integrated solution but don’t want to port all your tests.

Check-in policy is quite possibly my favourite from a what-it-enables aspect - the ability to have a set of tests that must pass before a developer can check-in his code is fantastic. It's such a great way to help ensure that quality of code in the source repository is of a high standard.

I hope to blog more - it's one of my new years resolutions! I look forward to hearing comments from you, and also make sure you check on MSDN Chats for EDT chats.