Introducing the blog (and myself)

Welcome to my brand new blog!

this is my first post, so I'll try to set the expectations and introduce myself first.

What you can expect from here:
I'll post about BizTalk and integration stuff, such ideas related to BPM, EAI, SOA, etc., and probably about some other technologies (.NET, Yukon, SOAP/WSE, messaging, etc), as I fight them everyday. My posts will be based on my own experience, and they will be intended to provide ready-to-use information for the everyday work.

Who am I: I'm a Technical Consultant. I'm somehow specialized in BizTalk Server and EAI/BPM projects, but you can find me involved in stuff related to .NET Framework, SQL Server (starting to study Yukon right now!), design patterns, BPM, EAI, service oriented architecture, message oriented models, TDD, agile, etc.

Also I'll try to put pictures, as I know nobody likes reading too much text :-) Here is the first one, taken from a sample scenario that I'm working on:

Sample picture

(only request flow, response coming soon)