Third post about POCO, first post about Code Only

It is always busy here with all the improvements we are doing in Entity Framework to make your code work better with it. That is why I haven’t been posting to my blog much in the last months. Today however, there are two important posts from people that sit very close to me, so I am going to link to them.

Faisal posted the third part in a series on the POCO experience with EF4. His post delves into the details of how snapshot change tracking compares with notification based change tracking and on some of the API considerations for it.

Alex, who sits in my office (although he likes to think I sit in his :)) made the first post about the Code Only experience we are working on. I like to think of Code Only as “POCO on steroids”, because it not only gives you the right level of decoupling between your domain classes and the persistence framework, but it also puts mapping artifacts out of the way. I am especially fond of the way you can customize mapping using LINQ queries, although that feature is not going to be included in the first preview.

Please go read the posts, play with the bits (you will need to wait a few weeks to play with code-only) and tell us what you think!