This is what happened since 10/23

I was in the kitchen close to my office having a coffee and mulling about what great thing I could do next about the blog. Then I came here and I saw this comment by Guillaume (a good friend in disguise), that translated from Spanish means "so, what happened since 10/23?". I guess I will try to lower the bar a bit and just tell what is happening:

Well, I have been mostly learning what it means to be a PM at Microsoft, and in particular in Data Programmability. I have been sharing my days with this group of super smart people that is working on shipping this great product (we are close to beta 3). The atmosphere is very interesting and it is easy to be overwhelmed with the heaps of information I get exposed to everyday. Not only I am learning about the Entity Framework stack but also about our LINQ implementation, about our procedures, about our branching strategies, thread modeling, driving features as a PM, filing bugs, status reports, etc.

I am waiting until I feel more confident with the stack before I do some more technical posting. I am ok with going with the basics, but I just don't want to post any inaccurate information.

In the meanwhile, life here is nice. The family is adapting very well. We have most of our stuff solved, have a car, rent an apartment on the east side. I am riding The Connector everyday to work, so I can start early and finish late with email... Which is a good thing, isn't it?

By the way, I see in Outlook that right now I have 1223 messages in my inbox and 443 in my sent items folder. Seems a little unbalanced :)