Welcome to the Entity Framework Toolkits & Extensions

Today we went live with something very dear to me: The Entity Framework Toolkits & Extensions. This is a collection of source code libraries and design time tools created to augment the ways you can use the Entity Framework.

We distribute them under the Microsoft Public License, and it lives in the ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Relational Data Portal at the MSDN Code Gallery.

The purpose of putting this collection together is to showcase the ways to address new scenarios with the Entity Framework, but also to create a very tight feedback loop between the members of our team and the Developer Community.

You can think of our Tools and Extensions as things we just couldn't resist to build, but also stuff we hope you will find super useful.

Right now the list is short (but certainly not modest):

And on the samples section:

Of course, we have more in the works!

Update: I first took the Sample EDMX Code Generation as something Asad has been working on. Oops! You can read more about about Sanjay's sample here and here.