ASAP: Messaging Services

 Resuming our training for  Aspiring Architects, here we got from MS India a third series, this time focused on the Messaging Infrastructure, its planning, constraints, scalability, etc

I want to thank Ramnish Singh (Infrastructure MCA in MS India) for this contribution, that I'm confident that will help a lot IT Pros raise the bar, start thinking on computing environments in a different manner and get the necessary background and skills

The remaining ingredients in the Architecture Career prescription is up to you, guys: experience, dedication and passion! smile_regular Enjoy!


Introduction to Designing a Messaging InfrastructureThe Architecture Series is intended for those involved in planning, designing, and implementing an enterprise-class infrastructure project, including consultants, system architects, and IT professionals who are responsible for messaging infrastructure deployment. The series is aimed at empowering systems integrators and IT professionals with validated architectural guidance for Messaging.
Designing and planning messaging services This session will cover the first major design decisions when creating an Messaging infrastructure - Directory Services. The session will highlight recommend Active Directory configurations, server deployment based on best practices, budget, and other business factors, network topology and provide technical recommendations and discuss new Exchange 2007 features.
Designing and planning high availability This session will cover high availability solution based on client types and client loads. It will also cover design of policies to handle unsolicited e-mail and virus outbreaks, disaster recovery, backup, and restore solution. The presenter will also recommend a strategy for dependent services that impact high availability.
Designing and planning coexistence and migration This session will cover the plan for migration of messaging systems. The presenter will also discuss various migration and coexistence strategies.
Defining policies and security procedures This session will cover how to address regulatory and legal requirements. The presenter will also discuss message content filtering and how to design a secure messaging environment.
Notes from Field and Contest Case Study This session will showcase the best practices followed for Messaging Architecture and will have panel of experts discuss their Enterprise (Messaging) Architecture experiences.