Microsoft Architecture Journal Issue 20 - Call For Papers

The 20th issue of The Architecture Journal will provide insights into how turbulent times affect architects and the new and challenging solutions they will need to create. This issue will examine how Software and Infrastructure Architects can add value back to their business units through business alignment, IT optimization, externalization of services, and consolidation of redundant or obsolete solutions.


How can the IT architects help keep business alignment and efficiency in such scenario? We are looking for real world ideas such as:

  1. Optimizing  software development and delivery (i.e. via enterprise agile process implementation or any other strategy)
  2. Optimized deployment to low-cost desktop infrastructure (thru virtualization or any other technique)
  3. What IT Operations consolidation strategies Infrastructure Architects should know about
  4. Efficient communication between distributed teams (IT, users, etc)
  5. Any other original idea based on past, local crisis contexts


If you have ideas that you would like to share with the architect community on this topic, here is your chance! Follow the instructions below to send an abstract before the cut-off date and you could see your thoughts and ideas shared with over 62,000 readers, translated in several languages, and distributed at multiple conferences around the world!

The cut-off date for abstracts for the next issue is March 18th 2009.  If you are interested in making a submission, here are the details:

How do I make a submission?

To submit an idea for a paper, please send the following:

  • A 2 – 4 paragraph abstract explaining how your paper fits the "Architecture in Uncertain Times" theme of the magazine
  • A 1 – 2 paragraph bio
  • A list of previously published articles

Submissions should be made via Email to

We receive many submissions for each issue, so we encourage you to put time and thought into the submission.

When will I know whether my submission is accepted?

After the call for papers has ended, you will be notified via Email as to whether your submission was successful or not.

What happens if my submission is accepted?

If accepted, you’ll have between 6 weeks to submit two drafts and a final version of your paper. These dates will be clearly communicated. Your first draft will be reviewed by an editorial board to ensure it is on message for the magazine. Your second draft and final version will be subject to both technical and copy editing.

The magazine is generally available in print and online 4 weeks after final drafts are submitted.

What are the guidelines for papers printed in the Architecture Journal?

We recommend that papers are between 3,500 and 4,500 words in length – although we have accepted shorter and longer papers in the past. The article should be submitted using Microsoft Word. Diagrams should be submitted in either Microsoft Visio or Microsoft PowerPoint, and will be reformatted for the magazine.

Do I still own the work?

Yes. We ask you to sign a release form that gives Microsoft permission to reprint the article, but ownership of the paper remains with you, the author.

Will I get paid for writing?

We do not currently reimburse authors for contributing to the Architecture Journal.

Will I get copies of the magazine as an author?

After printing you’ll be sent 10 copies of the Journal for your own use.

Where can I get more information?

Check out this link