PDC 2008. Architect's Cut

 Although, except some  few, almost all PDC 2008 breakout sessions are available both online or offline (previous download, of course), one may feel that bitter frustration derived from the overwhelming quantity of them

Typical questions I ask myself in these emotionally mixed situations are "Wow, what a repository of data! Will I have the time to watch and later assimilate this info!? What to watch first? What if I pick something that needs another session to be watched first, in order to get some background? Would it be some session that I could discard from the list without guilt?"... and a long list of etcs

Fortunately the team behind Microsoft Architecture Center (Microsoft's Platform Architecture Team) is here to help: we browsed the whole list of session, classifying them based on complexity, addressed topic, architectural relevance, etc, and extracted a list of about 45 sessions (the whole list tripled or quadrupled that) and we are now exposing those in the portal, but in a paced way


For these days we are exposing those 10 we consider "watchme.1st":

  • Framework Design Guidelines
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Cloud Computing and Azure
  • "Oslo" Modeling Model (redundancy apart smile_regular)
  • Dynamic Languages
  • Distributed Caching
  • Concurrence and Parallelism

You'll find these days a video roller right in the home page where you can select the session of your interest, click on it and, voilà! : the spectacle starts when you arrive. No need to sign in, nothing else

Of course, you may maximize (you'll probably do) the video box thanks to newel Silverlight 2 technology, or eventually visit the hosting site (Channel 9) and download there the slidedeck, or -finally- a mix of everything