My WPF Hobby project for 2006 "Portfolio Delta"... a little late.

It's been sometime since I last post here. This site even come with a new blog software. Very nice.

Every year during my OOF days, I worked on some hobby project that I will be using. Last year, I was doing a Stock reader for my own consumption. It comes with loads of features. Mostly for my personal use, to track my position at a given time, watch list for funds, stock to look out. Other features includes charting, per stock detail news, RSS viewer for financial/stock news, RSS player for financial/stock podcast, auto-complete for stock quote, streaming quotes, 4 viewing modes and a few more. It's still on-going because I am using this tool from time to time + I have 3 beta users to give me feedback :-)

This is done with the VS template for WPF. Total serious dev time is about 6 days. Developed for Microsoft Windows Vista plaform, it takes about 20MB. Can be deploy via xcopy or clickonce. Haven't experiment with browser inline hosting via IFRAME. Will test that next.

Still a few features to add in like sorting via column header, writing a chart chooser with nice effects etc..