More SharePoint 2010 Capacity Planning Goodness: Lab study of an Enterprise Collaboration Environment!

This is another one of the papers I've worked on, and now it is available for download! Actually this is the one I've worked on the most, and I'd love some feedback on it :-)

The lab study should be read in conjunction with the technical study that it mimics. The files you should look at together are :

Production environment (technical case study): SPServer2010CaseStudyEnterpriseIntranetCollabEnvironment.docx
This document details the production environment at Microsoft that showcases a typical enterprise intranet collaboration environment. The document just contians information about the environment, but does not include conclusions or how you should project this onto your own data - it is there to serve as an example mainly.

Lab study: SPServer2010LabStudyEnterpriseIntranetCollabEnvironment.docx
Now this is where it gets interesting. This environment mimics the production environment above, with plenty of differences that are all listed in the document.  Since it's a lab study, we were able to change an aspect of the environment while keeping other things constant to figure out things like: how do the web servers scale out? What about scaling up the web servers? And scaling out the database servers? How does SharePoint 2010 compare to SharePoint 2007 in terms of throughput for the web servers and database server(s)? This document attempts to answer these critical questions and provides some conclusions based on our observations, that might help you extrapolate what your farm may need to look like, from the other technical case study.

Thanks for reading!

Dina Ayoub

Program Manager on SharePoint, MSFT