C# 3.0 at PDC 2005

If you are coming to PDC and are expecting something special from the C# team, you won't be disappointed. My colleague Matt has already given as much of a preview as we can (to avoid spoiling a good surprise), so I will stick to the sessions to watch and things to do. Further details are on PDC site and real bits to use on the PDC DVD (and on the site mentioned below after PDC).

  • Tuesday morning Bill Gates - Jim Allchin keynote
  • From Tuesday afternoon onwards: Hands on Labs (shhhh!) - you can get the secrets at the Hands on Labs even before the full presentations. You just have to be more active type - trying out the bits instead of just listening.
  • Breakout sessions
       Wednesday 11 am: DAT200 Future Directions for Data Driven Applications. Yours truly will do a demo in this session.
       The two big ones from Anders Hejlsberg on Wednesday afternoon TLN306 and TLN307
       Thursday 2:15 DAT323: My colleague Luca will be regaling you with the third episode of Object Relational - done the right way :-)
       (Or you can catch the repeat of TLN307 if you miss it on Wednesday)
       Friday 10:30 am: DAT324
  • Track lounge: Come to the Tools and Languages or Data track lounges to meet with C# team members including Matt Warren (the superdev), Luca Bolognese (you love his talks), Mads Torgersen (Java wildcards fame), Anson Horton (makes IDE sing) and our Product Unit Manager Scott Wiltamuth and perhaps Anders Hejlsberg.

There have been some wildly speculative and inaccurate blog posts out there about what is in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 and where it comes from. So instead of searching around for tidbits, come to the sessions.

Not at PDC - don't worry - we will have the following site up soon after unveiling it at PDC.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/future/linq (you will get 404 errors until it is ready for disclosure. So check it on Wednesday/Thursday 9/14-15)