C# PM at JavaOne (Day 3 - Wednesday) - Part I

General session was rather dull except one factoid from the Pertti Korhonen of Nokia - number of mobile devices with Java exceed the number of PCs with Java. It would be interesting to know usage statistics - if one exists. Many mobile devices (as well as PCs) have things that users never bother to use. I don't know the stats for MS platforms either.

On to technical sessions. The long lines are really annoying - all because somebody decided that it would be good to collect stats on how many, who, with what correlation. The data analysis freaks love this data but here are the big downsides:
1. Long lines for paying customers who are just trying to get in (because they used cards that need to almost touch the scanners - not proximity cards)
2. Unpleasant encounters as some zealous security personnel are paranoid that letting one person in without the scanner ligh turning green is going to cause grave harm to someone - C'mon guys lighten up!
3. A generally creepy feeling that your behavior is being monitored like that of mice in a maze

Overall, it looks to me like whoever came up with the "requirement" of data gathering really didn't think through all the implications very well.

More about technical sessions coming soon ...