From LINQ team to App Framework on Silverlight team

A while ago (October last year), I moved from C# team to the "UI Frameworks" team inside the .NET Developer Platform team. C# team is where LINQ was incubated and large portions of LINQ were productized: LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL and C# 3.0 to be precise. So it was with mixed emotions that I left. Why mixed? Because the team and the project that I moved to are also very exciting. Now that I have been there for a while, I can start talking a bit about it though we would rather build something for a preview before I talk :-)

First about the team - the UI Frameworks team drives two big pieces - ASP.NET and client components like WinForms and Silverlight controls. The team covers a fair amount of ground beyond the Data Access Layer all the way to the final presentation of data. This is a very fertile ground for innovation that raises some very interesting topics for future discussions.

LINQ to SQL has been handed off to my previous team - Data Programmability team that owns a variety of ADO.NET technologies. However, given my passion and the years I spent on LINQ and LINQ to SQL in particular, I will likely continue to write about it.