New opportunities...

After a little over 4 years it’s time for me to go and explore new opportunities… It's awesome to see Whidbey out there now and I'm sure the work we did to improve the reliability of the CLR and embed it in SQL Server will pay off for our customers. But it's time for me to go and try something new - so I'm switching from the CLR team to... join the CLR team :).

I'll be switching from my current test role over to development to work on on IronPython and improving the CLR's support for scripting languages in general. I started on the new team last Monday and it's already been a lot of fun. Today we've shipped our first release since I joined (0.9.5 - which you can download here. While this is the first release since I've joined the team it's the second release to which I've contributed. This release brings a bug fixes, support for several new built-in types and improvements when using Python objects from WPF. 

So expect to see less about reliability and hosting (when I post :) ) from me over time and more about IronPython and scripting. I still have some more I want to say about reliability and hosting so there should be an interesting mix going forward.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to check out our latest release and let us know what you think!