New SCOM dashboard gems available with SQL MP

This is just a short post to point everybody to the new SQL MP released last week. This MP comes with completely new and revamped dashboards:

Overview (Datacenter) Dashboard

You can create overview dashboards for SCOM groups and include State and Alert data for the group as well as aggregated performance and monitoring data:


Individual (Instance) Dashboards

The datacenter dashboards allows you to drill into your data and create additional tiles with monitoring and performance data:

And the best thing is:
You can use these dashboards for all other (custom) SCOM classes, counters and monitors!

So you are not limited to SQL data. This is just a quick demo dashboard for one of my test Management Groups:

You can find all necessary details and steps to set these dashboards up and running in the attached SQLServerDashboards.docx document which is also included in the new SQL MP.

Call to action

Download and install the new SQL MP as soon as possible in your favorite test environment. Read the documentation and quickly create powerful, great looking Dashboards!