Quick note from the field: Access rights for set-scomlicense

Just in case you try to set a license for a SCOM Management Group with set-scomlicense and the Cmdlet hangs forever:
Make sure that you execute set-scomlicense in an elevated Shell:

  • On a SCOM Management Server (preferably the RMS emulator)
  • With a user account that have this access rights:
    • local Admin rights on the Management Server
    • member of SCOM Admin role
    • access rights on the OpsMgr DB
      (for simplicity: give the user temporary SA rights on the SQL instance or dbo on the OpsMgr DB. Remove the rights after executing the Cmdlet)

The access rights on the OpsMgr DB are not documented! Without having this specific right, the Cmdlet tries to connect directly to the OpsMgr DB, fails and hangs forever.