EventId 4196 - Troubleshooting Crashes in COM+ Applications

Typically we expect that a piece of code that works once should work ALWAYS but this is not as simple as it sounds. Even though you have tested your component or application enough, it is not always possible to test all the codepaths and all sorts of situations that can arise in an application. As a result of this you may end up seeing intermittent or unexpected crashes in your application. Today we will learn about collecting some valuable information for unexpected crashes that can happen in COM+ components and how to deal with them.


What is a Crash? – The term CRASH is used by different people in various different ways. In our(or my) definition a crash is an unexpected termination of a process as result of an unhandled exception in the code. If COM+ encounters an unhandled exception in the component code the COM+ Runtime terminates the process immediately and logs the following event in the event viewer letting the user know that a crash has happened. This is called COM+ Failfast


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