Partial search results in Code Search


You are seeing “Showing partial code results” banner for a given search request in Code.

When are you likely to encounter this scenario?

Your code base has one or more large repositories (larger the repository, more the number of documents to search). So, when such repositories are searched, the request may take more time to process from all documents in the index and cause the search request to timeout on the index. Previously, when a request timed out, we used to mark the request as failed and return zero results along with an error message. With the latest changes, when we encounter such a scenario, we show a partial result set corresponding to the results found before request timed out and notify you about the same.

Steps to avoid the issue:

You could try the following alternatives as applicable for your scenarios -

  • Try to scope your query - use the filters to narrow down to the ‘proj’, ‘repo’ or ‘path’.
  • See if your query itself could be narrowed down further so that we don’t end up matching too many terms while searching.  Eg: While looking for methods like ‘App_App1/ App_App2’ etc., instead of giving ‘a* ’ try using ‘app* ’ (a* will match many more terms than app* would).