Oslo, Dublin and PDC

PDC is rapidly approaching and there is a lot of exciting technology that is being created by CSD which will be unveiled at the conference.  Steve Martin posted a blog entry last week about Dublin, a technology that makes it easier to deploy, manage and scale WF/WCF based applications.  Dublin should be of great interest to anyone building and deploying applications based on WF or WCF.

Doug Purdy and Don Box a few weeks ago posted additional information on Oslo.  Both Doug and Don will be speaking on Oslo at PDC and I encourage you to see their talks.

These technologies coupled with the enhancements we are making to WF and WCF for .Net 4.0 has really excited the ISVs I am engaged with.  The work we are doing holds the promise of making the ISV solutions much easier to develop, customize, deploy and maintain.  These technologies have the opportunity to be truly transformational.

But if you want to find out more in the near term, you'll just have to go to PDC. Registration is still open.  The PDC folks have thoughtfully even posted a sample letter to your boss about why you can't miss PDC (if I haven't given you enough ammunition already).