My favorite spot on the MS campus

I was just reading a not-so-old post on Adam Barr's blog about his favorite spots on the MS campus and then a follow-up to it, and I thought I'd write about my favorite spot. The other day, we were coming back from a meeting in building 31 on our way to the building 34 cafeteria and decided to go through this spot. Next to 163rd Ave NE there is a stand of trees with a path that winds through it in a meandering way. It was obviously deliberately set up to be this way, but for just a minute, you feel like you are out on a hike in the forest. I know there are tons of places in Seattle that are like that (which always surprises someone like me, who spent many years in the midwest), but it's really amazing to be like that right next to your modern office building. Not to try to show up Adam or anything, but here's the overhead view of the spot!