Developer & IT Pro Days

I'm in Ghent, Belgium today for Developer & IT Pro Days, where I'll be doing an Open XML breakout session this afternoon as well as some meetings with MVPs, RDs, press and others. The two photos below were taken on a walk around the area near the speaker hotel. Very cool architecture everywhere here. And that second shot is like an ad for the new improved VR technology in the hot-selling Nikkor 18-200 lens -- that's hand-held, just a quick snapshot.

Thanks to Ales Ruzicka for all his help on the workshop in Prague yesterday. Also for helping me get my directions straight -- that's not the Vltava river valley I was looking across in that photo on the last post. :-) Ales was also the person who suggested I check out Charles Bridge, and I'm glad I did; photos of it are posted on my personal blog here and here.

One of the attendees at yesterday's workshop in Prague was Jakub Vrana, who is working with his colleague Maarten Balliauw on a PHP API for Open XML spreadsheets. It was interesting to learn a bit about that (more later when I have time).