DII Workshop on SP2 and ODF

We’re holding a workshop in Redmond on July 30 to talk about our ODF support in Office 2007 SP2. This is a free workshop that we’re doing as part of our Document Interoperability Initiative, to share information with the developer community and solicit feedback on how we can work together to improve interoperability.

We initially invited the members of the ODF TC, but it looks like we may have a few more slots open, so I thought I’d extend the invitation more broadly. I can’t guarantee that we’ll have room for everyone who would like to attend, but please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see if we can get you in. Priority will be given to those who are working with the ODF format, including developers who are implementing ODF, organizations that are using ODF, and persons who are contributing to the evolution and maintenance of the ODF standard.

Here’s a general outline of what the workshop will include:

  • Presentations from members of the Office product team, to explain our approach to ODF support and demonstrate some of the specific functionality we’re planning.
  • Hands-on lab time, to give you an opportunity to try out a pre-release version of our ODF support.
  • Discussion time, so that we can hear your feedback on topics of interest to document format implementers.
  • Hosted dinner event at a nearby location.

This event will provide a unique opportunity to get an early look at how we’re planning to implement ODF support in Office. If you’d like to attend, please let me know via email (dmahugh at Microsoft dot com) as soon as possible. For those who aren’t able to attend, I’ll be covering some of the content from the workshop here on my blog afterward.