Failed Precondition

I'm back in the office for the first time since the BRM, and I wanted to take a look at the various conversions on the blogs that have been discussing the BRM. I have no problems reading the threads on Jason's blog, Brian's blog, Oliver's blog, Tim Bray's blog, Yoon Kit's blog, Rob Weir's blog, and many others, but for some reason I can't get to Andy Updegrove's blog from here at Microsoft. I was able to get there from my laptop at my hotel over the weekend, from kiosks at a couple of airports in Europe, and from my home computer last night, but from the Microsoft campus I get the error shown below every time.

I've just heard from a co-worker that they get the same error when they try to connect from Microsoft. Andy, is there a rule we need to know about here? We'd love to participate in the open dialog if we could.