Geneva photos

I said in my last post that I'd try to post some photos from Geneva, and here are a few so far. I'm here for the weekend, so I'll post some more on Sunday as well; I'm hoping to get out to CERN to shoot the Moiree Globe at the birthplace of the internet, among other things.

There are a few themes I come back to again and again when I take photos, which are reflected in the shots below. For example, one of my favorite themes is pigeons. They can be found in a very wide variety of locales, and I always look for opportunities to take pigeon shots. They make very willing models, and you can put them in front of famous landmarks as I did below, or use them to add a twist to urban landscapes (e.g., Prague, Kiev). I love the way their frantic flapping blurs in low light (Venice), and I also like to lie down on my belly to get shots from their point of view (e.g., San Francisco). I'm not too proud to do the corn-seed trick to get them to come close, either (e.g., Venice).

Another of my favorite photo themes evidenced below is night shots. I'm often busy all day on business trips, leaving no opportunity to take pictures during daylight hours. So I always pack a good tripod for night shots, which makes photography an option 24 hours a day.

When I find myself unable to sleep in the middle of the night due to jet lag, I usually grab my camera gear and take a walk to snap a few photos. In the last year, that habit has scored me some fun photos in various cities (e.g., Sydney, Ghent, Kuala Lumpur), as well as the last few photos below in Geneva. Every business traveler seems to have a favorite jet-lag tip, and that's mine: pack a good tripod!