inching toward September 2

The September 2 vote on DIS 29500 is rapidly approaching, and Jason Matusow has posted a wrap-up of where things stand in the US: Open XML - US Vote Progress Continues.

As Jason explains, the INCITS executive board is considering whether to submit an "Approve with comments" position for the US. The US is one country whose technical comments aren't being reviewed at the moment, because the V1 technical committee handed things off to the executive board last month on Friday the 13th.

IBM continues to play a very active role in the process, submitting an order of magnitude more comments than any other party in many countries. As Jason reports, "If it has been unclear as to why IBM is so interested in keeping Open XML from being an ISO standard, the recent release of IBM Notes and Domino 8 continue to underline the fact that IBM has development investment, product sales, and consulting practice interests in the success of ODF."