Links for 07-15-2008

Eric White on Linq and Open XML. Eric White has been posting some great code samples lately, including a sample of functional programming with the Open XML SDK, how to transform flat data into a hierarchy with Linq, and a set of blog posts on Writing robust Linq to XML code that performs well.

Orcmid on Interop. Like Eric, Dennis Hamilton has been blogging prolifically this summer, with a series of posts in the last week on interop topics: Interoperability: The Experience of It , Interoperability: No Code Need Apply?, and Interoperability: What's the Self-Interest?.

PowerShell and Open XML. A few recent posts on working with Open XML documents from PowerShell scripts:

ODF translator version 2.0, Milestone 1 released. Functionality in the latest release of the ODF translator project is covered on the translator project blog. The next release is planned for August.

Office Binary Translator release. The M2 version of the binary translator project was released last week, and Wolfgang Keber has some additional info on the B2X blog.

Erika's Latest Project. Erika Ehrli is going to take a few months off to become a Mom! She'll be missed around here, but we're all very happy for her. I've heard rumors that Erika and Wouter (another new parent) have a bet going on whose kid will learn .NET development first.