ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC (OIC TC)

I’ve had a few people ask recently whether Microsoft would be participating in the OIC TC, and I’m glad to report that as of today we’ve signed up. I’ll be representing Microsoft on this TC, and I’m looking forward to working with Bart Hanssens (TC chair), Dennis Hamilton (TC secretary), and the other TC members.

As it says in the OIC TC charter, the group was formed to “help implementors create applications which conform the ODF standard and which are able to interoperate.” We’ve made adherence to the published ODF standard a top priority in our work on Office’s implementation of ODF, and we’re very interested in collaborating with other implementers to maximize interoperability between ODF implementations.

For more information about the OIC TC, see Rob Weir’s blog post. As Rob mentions in that post, he had extended a personal invitation to me to join. Thanks, Rob, invitation accepted – I’ll see you on the next OIC TC call.