ODF plugfest and OOoCon, Orvieto

I’ve spent the last week in the city of Orvieto, perched atop a hill in Umbria, Italy.  Monday and Tuesday I particpated in the second ODF Plugfest, and then Wednesday through Friday I attended OOoCon, the annual OpenOffice.org conference.  I gave a presentation on Wednesday about Office’s approach to interoperability with OpenOffice.org, which you can find on the OOoCon presentation page, and you can find the presentations from the plugfest, as well as the test scenarios we went through, on the plugfest web site.

It was great to see everyone I had met at the last plugfest, and I also had the opportunity to finally meet in person many people I’ve only known via email and the ODF TC calls, including Svante Schubert, Charles Schulz, Louis Suarez-Potts, Eike Rathke and others.  Everyone was great, and made me feel very welcome.

I was planning to do some sightseeing in Rome this weekend, but there is a train strike that begins at 21:00 today (Saturday), so I’m going to stay right here in Orvieto until Monday, when I’ll fly to Brussels for meetings and preparations for the upcoming DII workshop on Thursday, November 12.  If you’d like to see the photos I’ve taken in Orvieto this week, you can find them on Flickr, and I’ve also included thumbnails of a few favorites below.

And now, after a long day of photographing the sights of Orvieto, it’s time to get out and enjoy some local cuisine.  Buon appetito!

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