Office 2007 Developer Videos

If you're looking to get started on Office 2007 development, there are a bunch of great new resources in the works. My colleague Don Campbell will be publishing some cool videos on MSDN and Channel 9 soon, full of specific developer techniques: how to extend the ribbon UI, how to write a MOSS web part, how to create an Open XML document, and so on.

Microsoft is so big that it sometimes feels like there are lots of people working the same problem — I just came across some great how-to videos for Office 2007 developers, the Office 2007 Partner Technical Readiness Training Presentations. Check those out, and by the time you're done we'll have a bunch more for you.

I've found these videos are just the right length to make for a good vigorous workout on the elliptical trainer in the morning. No word yet on whether Pro Sports Club in Redmond will start airing them, but I'm amused to think about what the crowd might look like if they did. (I include myself in that image, of course!)