Office 2007 Posts

I've recently started this MSDN blog, for covering Office 2007 separate from my personal blog. But I've posted a bunch of Office 2007 items on the personal blog since the first of the year, and I'd like to keep that content with this site going forward.

So the following is a list of links to posts on my personal blog that contain information of potential use to those interested in learning more about Office 2007. Enjoy!

1/3/06: What's Sharepoint. A introductory look at the most basic concepts, with a link to a comprehensive overview by Sharepoint trainer/consultant Ted Pattison.

1/9/06: Office Open XML File Formats Overview. A high-level introductory look at the file formats.

1/9/06: Exploring the XML File Formats. A hands-on look at some of the details, including the basics of manually browsing the contents of a DOCX.

1/17/06: Sharepoint Blog. About the new Sharepoint team blog, a great resource.

1/27/06: Business Data Catalog Overview. High-level intro to the basic concepts, beginning with an anecdotal explanation of the business case for the BDC.

2/7/06: Who's Using Sharepoint? A link to a list of companies using Sharepoint.

2/16/06: Office Packing, Pricing, Licensing Details. Links to the official sources of this info at the time it was made public.

2/17/06: Reducing the Ribbon. Link to Jensen's post about plans to reduce the footprint of the new UI.

2/20/06: What's New in Sharepoint. Links to various blogs with information about new features in MOSS 2007.

3/1/06: Office Themes. A link to Howard Cooperstein's overview of how Office 2007 implements themes.

3/16/06: Office 2007 UI Extensibility. A link to Savraj Dhanjal's first guest post on Jensen's blog regarding Office client programmability.

3/27/06: Office 2007 Video Tour. Link to a tour of the new Office 2007 user interface.

3/31/06: Creating a DOCX Out of Thin Air. A hands-on look at the core essentials of Open XML, including how to create a well-formed DOCX with no programming and no Office software.

4/20/06: Excel's Condition Formatting. Samples of the cool things you can do with this new feature in Excel 2007.

4/21/06: Cool Sharepoint Features. Links to some BDC samples and info about MOSS 2007 support for mobile devices.

4/24/06: Learning About Sharepoint. Link to Mike Fitzmaurice's excellent MOSS overview for developers.

4/27/06: Office 2007 Mind Map. Link to Don Campbell's creative visual presentation of Office 2007 online resources.

5/9/06: Office 2007, Here You Come. How to sign up for the public Beta 2.

5/10/06: Making Office Pretty. Link to Jensen Harris's overview of how Office's color schemes were designed.

5/11/06: Things to Know About Office 2007. Tips for installing Beta 2 or upgrading from prior beta versions.

5/16/06: Sharepoint a Sleeper? Link to Mary Jo Foley's column about whether Sharepoint is quietly sneaking up on the collaboration marketspace. Short answer: YES!