Office Live developer workshops

While I've been busy with Open XML workshops, my friends and colleagues Don Campbell and Rohit Puri have been getting the word out about Office Live development. Office Live is a new platform for web development that ISVs can use to quickly build and deploy solutions on the Sharepoint platform that their customers can deploy on public-facing sites. You can take advantage of workflow, document libraries, authentication options, and other technologies, and there are some interesting new business models you can use for monetizing software and services through the Office Live platform.

I've just learned about two upcoming events where developers can learn more about the technical details and business opportunities in this area. They're scheduled for June 5 in Boston and June 11 in Silicon Valley, with free copies of Office 2007 Ultimate and Vista Ultimate for all of the attendees, plus a contest that will give away 20 free Zunes. Don has all the details over on his blog.