Open XML links for 01-23-2008

Reading Reed. my colleague Reed Shaffner has started blogging. This should be fun. Reed is the driving force behind the DAISY translator project, and one of the most dynamic and creative people on the Office product management team. Watch for Reed to have plenty to say about Office (Word especially), accessibility, and related topics. Welcome to the blogosphere, Reed!

Mandating document format decisions. Oliver Bell takes "A Closer Look At Those “Single Standard” Policy Mandates" and concludes that choice is a good thing. He also offers some interesting links to details about document format legislation around the world, from a new report on

Divvying up the dispositions. Rick Jelliffe's Editor's Disposition of Comments Out (OOXML) outlines some broad categories for the proposed dispositions to comments in the DIS 29500 standards process.

On being customer-driven. Eric White's Why I Took This Job explains why he's excited to be involved with the Open XML campaign. And that attitude explains why we're excited to have him.

Implementing SVG. Jesper Lund Stocholm's Embrace and extend - SVG in ODF revisited takes a close look at how SVG is implemented in ODF, and Brian Jones's blog has some additional comments on the topic, and for more details see section 9.2, Drawing Shapes, in the ODF spec.