Open XML links for 01-30-2007

I'm on the road this week and don't have time to write up much, but are some links to Open XML content on a few of my favorite blogs this week ...

Wouter Van Vugt has a post on Accessing relationship parts that explains how to use the System.IO.Packaging API to get at the package relationship part, as you need to do when validating digital signatures.

For you French speakers, Julien Chable has announced that he'll be speaking on Open XML development at Tech Days 2007 in France, including a session with Microsoft's Guillaume Renaud. Julien and Guillaume are both great guys, and great developers (Julien in Java, Guillaume in .NET), so these should be interesting sessions.

Julien also recently posted a "[Open XML] Les liens indispensables", a comprehensive list of Open XML resources for English and French speakers. Hey Julien, I knew that meant "indispensable links" without even going to! :-) OK, so that wasn't that hard, but still.

The Word team blog has an information post "Who Changed What When?" that describes how change tracking works in Word. All of the information necessary to track those changes is stored in Office Open XML, of course -- a great example of the breadth of functionality in the new file formats.