Open XML links for 02-04-2008

Indexing DOCX files with Lucene in PHP. Maarten Balliauw has another great post on working with Open XML from PHP. This time he takes a look at how to use the Zend framework's PHP port of the Lucene indexing and search API. As always, Maarten provides very detailed explanations and full source code.

Open XML video gallery on YouTube. A new page on YouTube will start aggregating video content for Open XML, including hands-on demos of various implementations, interviews, and other information. My colleague Jean-Christophe Cimetiere has already posted videos of iPhone and Mac OS X support, and there are more coming soon.

Redmond Developer News article. Michael Desmond has an article this week in which he discusses the dev management perspective on the move to XML-based formats with Peter O'Kelly of the Burton Group.

Upcoming developer conferences. Office Devcon 2008 is coming to San Jose next week, and Wouter Van Vugt has some information about the sessions he and Ted Pattison will be doing there. Later this spring, TechEd 2008 will return to Orlando in June, and Gray Knowlton has some thoughts on what to expect.

OSS fans come in many flavors. Rick Jelliffe's blog has a link to a fun Datamation article by Bruce Byfield entitled A Field Guide to Free Software Supporters.