Open XML links for 02-11-2008

Erika's Office Devcon overview. My brief mention of Office Devcon over the weekend was light on the details, but the ever-thorough Erika Ehrli has all the details, including session times, Open XML booth schedule, and news about the new Open XML developer poster that's available online at MSDN. If you want a full-color copy suitable for wallpapering your office, you can get them from the Open XML booth at ODC, or if you're a Microsoft employee attending TechReady this week, be sure to see one of Harold Kless's Open XML sessions and he'll have them too.

ComponentOne announces Open XML developer tools. ComponentOne, a longtime publisher of developer tools, is also at Office Devcon this week, and they're demonstrating support for reading and writing XLSX files in their ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2007 v3 release. If you're at ODC, drop by booth 107-5 and see Gustavo Eydelsteyn or John Juback, who will be glad to demonstrate what their C1Excel tool has to offer developers.

Symbian Open XML video. I blogged a few weeks ago about QuickOffice's support for DOCX/XLSX files on Symbian phones, and now I see over on Craig's blog a link to a video demo of their implementation in action.

Burton Group's response to the ODF Alliance. The Burton Group published their "What's Up .DOC?" report on document formats last month, then the ODF Alliance published a response to the report that question its findings in various ways. Burton's Guy Cleese posted on Friday their response to the response, Part 1, and it's an interesting read. He has now posted Part 2 and Part 3 as well.

Eric White visits ThinkFree. Eric White just got back from a road trip that included a visit to ThinkFree, a Korean software company that offers online and offline office-suite tools that support Open XML.

Too much versus too little information. Jesper Lund Stocholm asks where to get information on implementing ODF, and gets some interesting answers.