Open XML links for 06-08-2007

Preeti Krishna has announced new drops of the Excel and PowerPoint converters for ODF 1.0 formats over on the ODF translator team blog. In addition to the hard-working people at CleverAge, Aztecsoft, and DiaLOGIKa, the project now includes members of Sonata's Open XML team. Check out the roadmap document that oulines plans for the evolution of these Open XML-ODF translator tools.

Hub has some information about the Sun/Novell project to add Open XML support to OpenOffice, specifically in the area of PresentationML and DrawingML support for Impress.

The Word team blog has a new post by Jonathan Bailor about upgrading to Word 2007, with lots of good links to free tools and other resources to ease conversion to the Open XML formats.

If you're looking for deep-dive developer training in the Open XML formats, I learned at TechEd this week that the Ted Pattison Group will be doing a 3-day workshop in beautiful Tampa on July 23-25. This is a great chance to learn about how to take advantage of the Open XML formats from one of the world's best Sharepoint trainers. (Patrick made me say "one of," Ted. :-)) For more information contact

Stephen McGibbon's latest post has some interesting links regarding IBM's role in open standards in the mainframe world. On a related note, after reading those items I ordered a book by Harry Frankfurt I hadn't heard of before.

The Open XML t-shirts went fast at the TechEd booth this week, but we have a few left. I'll be passing them out at my session on working with custom schemas this afternoon at 2:45 in room N230. See you there!