Open XML Power Tools

Hot on the heels of the release of Version 1 of the Open XML SDK earlier this week, Eric White has posted information about a cool project that is built with the SDK: the Open XML Power Tools project.

the Open XML Power Tools are a set of PowerShell cmdlets that can be used to automate various document management tasks. Each cmdlet does one thing, such as removing metadata or adding a chart or digital signature, and the cmdlets can be strung together in PowerShell scripts. This enables creation of simple custom solutions entirely in PowerShell.

In addition, the Power Tools are great examples of how to use the Open XML Formats SDK for common tasks such as creating a chart in a spreadsheet or adding a watermark to a word-processing document. Full source code is available on the Codeplex site, and the first release includes all of these cmdlets:

  • Accept-OpenXmlChange
  • Add-OpenXmlContent
  • Add-OpenXmlDigitalSignature
  • Add-OpenXmlDocumentIndex
  • Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOA
  • Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOC
  • Add-OpenXmlDocumentTOF
  • Add-OpenXmlPicture
  • Export-OpenXmlSpreadsheet
  • Export-OpenXmlToHtml
  • Export-OpenXmlWordprocessing
  • Get-OpenXmlBackground
  • Get-OpenXmlComment
  • Get-OpenXmlCustomXmlData
  • Get-OpenXmlDigitalSignature
  • Get-OpenXmlDocument
  • Get-OpenXmlFooter
  • Get-OpenXmlHeader
  • Get-OpenXmlStyle
  • Get-OpenXmlTheme
  • Get-OpenXmlWatermark
  • Lock-OpenXmlDocument
  • Remove-OpenXmlComment
  • Remove-OpenXmlDigitalSignature
  • Set-OpenXmlBackground
  • Set-OpenXmlContentFormat
  • Set-OpenXmlContentStyle
  • Set-OpenXmlCustomXmlData
  • Set-OpenXmlFooter
  • Set-OpenXmlHeader
  • Set-OpenXmlStyle
  • Set-OpenXmlTheme
  • Set-OpenXmlWatermark

The fastest way to learn more about the Open XML Power Tools project is to watch Eric White's screencast of the Power Tools in action. In just a few minutes you'll see exactly how to install and use the Power Tools, and some examples of what they can do.

TechEd/IT Pro

We've had some interesting discussions with IT pros this week at TechEd/IT Pro. I've worked an Open XML booth at quite a few developer events, but this is my first IT pro event, and there some consistent differences in perspective.

The attendees this week are very interested in deployment, security, and file size issues, whereas last week (during TechEd/Developer) the attendees were most interested in API and tool support for the Open XML formats. So last week we had many questions about the Open XML SDK, and this week we've talked more about the Compatibility Pack and the Office Migration Planning Manager.

The release of the Open XML Power Tools this week is good timing for the IT pro crowd, and several people have left the booth today with plans to download the first release and put it immediately to work. We've also heard good feedback on some of the things that would be useful in future power tool cmdlets. It's an open-source project, so anybody can sign up and make contributions.

And in between Open XML discussions, I've been auditioning for a possible new job as you can see below. :-) Wish me luck!