Santiago workshop and many others

We just finished the Open XML developer workshop here in Santiago. Another chance to meet some interesting people and discuss the ways they're planning to use the Open XML file formats in their work. Thanks to everyone involved for getting this one put together, and especially hard-working Sole, who managed the workshop logistics, booked us a hotel on a few hours notice (my mistake, long story), and also took the time to help us celebrate my birthday. (Chris, you were a lot of fun, too. :-))

I'm so glad I had dedicated translator/bodyguard/tech-support Mauricio Ordonez here to help out! My quick and casual English-only speaking style wasn't the best fit for this audience, but Mauricio saved the day by giving several of the more technical presentations in Spanish, and clarifying certain topics in Spanish as needed. (For those who don't know, in addition to his other responsibilities Mauricio also happens to appear directly above me on the Microsoft org chart.)

We've been planning a bunch of these workshops the last few weeks, and they're starting to come fast and furious. Last week we had Open XML developer workshops in Thailand, Germany, United Kingdom, Latvia, and Brazil, and we have many more scheduled for the weeks ahead including three more this week. Wouter has some photos of the UK event, and here are some shots of Sanjay Kumar leading the Germany event:

Next stop: Bogota, Colombia. See you there.