Sao Paulo Open XML Workshop

We had some interesting people at the Brazil workshop, including students, software developers, members of local technical committees, and others.

Yesterday morning we flew from Sao Paulo to Santiago, Chile, where we'll be doing a workshop on Monday and Tuesday. Here are a few pictures from the last two days: Mauricio Ordonez explaining DrawingML (as was used to generate the effects on the thumbnails below), the high-rise sprawl of Sao Paulo, crossing the Andes, and the foothills east of Santiago near the Colchagua Valley. The Colchagua Valley has many popular wineries, including the one that made the complimentary bottle of cabernet I've been enjoying in my hotel room.

If you're interested in generating effects like the ones shown above for images in Open XML documents, here's the markup that applied the border, 3D rotation, and shadow to the first thumbnail above:

Note that the other three thumbnails only differ in the border color, as specified by the srgbClr element within solidFill.

You can put these elements inside an spPr element (shape properties), right after the prstGeom element (preset geometry -- a rectangle in these images), and the effects will then be applied to the image. If you've been to the workshops I've done, you've probably seen me do this with Notepad, to apply effects from one image to another image. Same concept here.

For more information on the details of DrawingML, see part 4 of the Open XML specification, available as a free download from Ecma here:

Shape properties are covered in section