Sharepoint's Support for Blogs, Wikis and RSS

A new Channel 9 video today covers Sharepoint's support for blogs, wikis, and RSS. Sharepoint PMs Tim McConnell and Renee Lo give a guided tour of the new features, and also discuss some of the thinking behind Sharepoint's approach. Here's the link.

The blog and wiki support means that organizations using Sharepoint for collaboration don't need a separate platform for each type of collaboration. Whether you're sharing a document library, publishing to a team blog, or working together on a wiki, you can do it all from the Sharepoint platform now.

The RSS support works with the blog and wiki functionality, of course, but there are also some creative options provided by the deep integration of RSS into the Sharepoint platform. You can have RSS feeds for any Sharepoint list, for example, providing a simple mechanism for pushing new content out to collaborators as soon as it's published in Sharepoint.

Check out the video, and also keep an eye on the Sharepoint team blog and the Sharepoint community site for more details as we approach RTM.

This is the latest video on Office-related technologies that my colleague Don Campbell has set up. Don is working to get the word out through Channel 9, and you'll be seeing a lot of these types of videos over the summer now that Beta 2 is out.